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October Library/AR News

LIBRARY/AR NEWS (From Newsletter)

(Submitted by Kay Lurry)

 In October, we will collect donations for our Accelerated Reader program.  We are asking that each student who uses AR contribute $6.00 to help us pay for our license this year.  Our cost to continue the program is over $2,400.  All students in grades 1st-5th use the AR program, and Kindergarten students who begin reading this year will also use the testing program.  Fees will be collected Oct. 1st-12th.  Students who have paid their $6.00 AR fee will be allowed to dress out of uniform on Wed., Oct. 17th.

As a school, we have set a goal of 6,000 AR points for the 2018-19 school year.  We are hoping that each student will help us to meet this goal of 6,000 total points with an average of 80% accuracy across all grade levels.  

Our first AR event will be held on Nov. 15th.  Each grade level will play Bingo in the library for books and prizes.  Students will need the following points in order to participate:

1st Grade     3 points

2nd Grade    6 points                        

3rd Grade     8 points

4th Grade    10 points

5th Grade    12 points

Please continue to send in your labels from all Community Coffee products.

Thank you for your support of our school library!