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Take Your Parent to PE Week

Meaux Elementary participated in Take Your Parent to PE Week, which was September 24th-28th.  The purpose was to encourage families to be physically active together at home and in the community.  Every parent or guardian was invited to join us on Wednesday, September 26th to participate in PE with their child.  Two sessions were scheduled.  Matthew Peale with Movement Academy gave a brief overview of the program Vermilion Parish has adopted for the elementary schools.  Then parents exercised with their child for 30 minutes.  Approximately 80 parents and 80 students in grades 3rd-5th participated in the event in the DARK!  Meaux Elementary had lost power prior to the event but conducted the first session in the dark.  Unfortunately the second session for grades PreK-2nd was cancelled due to safety concerns with our younger children.  Over 120 parents had signed up to attend this session.  Mrs. Caldwell's goal is to make sure each student is getting 60 minutes of physical activity a day.  

  • Parents and students listening to Mrs. Caldwell's introduction
  •  Catrina Bessard a teacher at Meaux Elementary with her two kids Laken and Liam Bessard
  • Parents and students participating
  • Parents signing in.