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School Performance Score

School Performance Scores using the state’s new accountability formula were released today
from the Louisiana Department of Education.  Our school score using this new formula indicates
that as a school, Meaux Elementary received a score of 84.1 which classifies Meaux as a “B”

I am thankful to our entire Meaux faculty for their hard work and dedication to our students and
their profession.  All of our students, parents, teachers and staff are part of this score which
serves to validate their hard work and commitment to continued excellence.  
We continue to stand proud together today – students, teachers, staff, administration and our
school community.  As such, we will continue to work as a professional learning community to
foster an environment for continued student success.  
The results, which are available online in the Louisiana School and Center Finder, mark a
significant step in the implementation of the state’s plan to comply with the federal Every
Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and reflect critical shifts in the design and reporting of Louisiana’s
accountability system.