APEX Fundraiser Flyer (For Friday)

Note: Slight change of times!

Hello Meaux Elementary Families,

Our APEX Fundraiser is coming to a close. We’ve had such an amazing experience, and have seen a
big change in our little leaders over the past two weeks. Our Fun Run is tomorrow, and we need your
help to reach our school-wide goal. If every student can earn an extra $1/lap pledge ($30 flat) tonight,
we’ll be able to hit our target. Even if you’ve been generous and have made your pledge, anything extra
will help. Share your child’s APEX link! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Friends will all love to hear
from your child. Have them reach out personally to ask for support. An easy phone call from your little
one will go a long way in providing our school with much needed funds.

Event Reminders:
★ Wear tennis shoes and athletic bottoms.
★ Get a good night’s sleep.
★ Eat a healthy breakfast.
★ Stay hydrated – Bring in your own refillable water bottle.
★ Encourage your child to do their best.
★ Families are welcome to attend the Fun Run.
★ 8:15am – 5th Grade
★ 9:15am – 4th Grade
★ 10:15am – PreK
★ 11:15am – 3rd Grade
★ 12:15pm – Kindergarten
★ 1:15pm – 2nd Grade
★ 2:15pm – 1 st Grade
There’s still time to make your donation! Go to MyApexEvent.com and login with your child’s access
code. The best way for our students to earn pledges is to share their APEX links. We’re asking all
families to maximize shares. Shares are the number one factor in driving much-needed funds. Please
consider supporting our amazing school.

Help us finish strong!

Your continued support is so appreciated!
Mrs. Dawn Amy, Principal